Monday, January 15, 2007


Welcome to Saving Hubble's little home on the internet prairie. Well, that is if you don't count our other internet settlements at and youtube. And our upcoming myspace site. Come to think of it, we've whored ourselves out pretty well on the 'net and the Saving Hubble team is getting better at it every day!

I once swore of blogs but I'm coming around. I have an unusual relationship with technology, unusual as compared with the average web-surfing bear, I suppose. Funny that for someone who has fallen madly in love with the Hubble Space Telescope, I show a more-than-occasional distrust of email, a wariness of cell phones, and a downright loathing of ipods. But I don't see these as paradoxes-- in fact, if Hubble is truly the nexus of great technology in both design and execution, shouldn't it be a standard by which all other technologies can be measured? Which are the devices through which we break new ground, transcend ourselves once more in the evolutionary chain? The airplane? The internet? The ipod nano? Hardly. And how about Moving our film forward? Or just adding another layer to the pervasive milieu of white noise that already clouds your judgement?

Before Blogspot kicks us out of the party and you, dear reader, swear off the internet entirely as I've considered doing a few times while just writing this first blog entry, let me take the opportunity to officially welcome you to this running commentary, invite you to check out the other sites (mainly the homepage at, complete with trailer and donation information), and encourage you to communicate with me and my Hubble-hugger associates as we look to start a dialogue about the film (which should be completed by Spring '07).

Orbitally Yours,